lördag 13 juni 2009

Trying to make sense of the impossible word ... LIFE.

In some short moments i was reflecting over the never ending story ... LIFE , who i printed down in words.Maybe they tell you something , maybe they dont.Its just a tricky thing of understanding or you dont.Have a GREAT day reader.

I thought i was a human in this world.This world populated with other similar looking beings.I was wrong.I was a copy of my own imagination in a society built for short satisfaction.I was looking around and everywhere i could see people searching for the ultimate goal in life as it was a treasure who was needed to be found before the end.They was born and they died away.Some thinking they have reached all the answers in this awarness with a strange smile on there lips they still was looking surprised over the end.Some screaming and kicking when the last minutes in there life was climbing up on there souls as they wanted just one more minute over and over again in a search for the true answer of this thing they call life.

I could imagine a puppet theatre where the ongoing show was the gret goal and the end was nothing more in this former puppet theatre.It was a show who one minute was the secret to all unanswered questions in this search for life and in the end of this show was thin as the smoke on a burned up match.The beginning and the end , and all the answers you wanted in the between.
Its a illusion and a search who never will end.There is no beginning and no end.Its a repeating cycle with designed answers for the ones who still search after the secret of life.We are just a copy of our own imagination and nothing more.Like a reflection in a mirror who means everything as long as you watch and nothing by the time you leave.Life in another word.

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