lördag 14 februari 2009

Film / Music : Happy Valentine - Alla Hjärtans Dag.

In this Happy Valentine hour i gets reminded of the absurd moments in my small home country Sweden were people hugg,kiss and make love to each other this day and in the next puke all over the place for the smallest things.Its rather fascinating sometimes to observe peoples lacking fate and trust in each other and ill guess these moments in our life who soon is history in a rather disturbed Swedish way will give the future Swedish citizen/reader a BIG SMILE.At least i hope so.

Well,its still the BIG hugging day so enjoy and take care because tomorrow we start to kill each other again verbally and mentally in this lack of trust,at least some of us.Even God did this so why not run the famous song from Life of Brian with Jesus hanging on the cross abandoned of his father God.Life is a short moment in time so why not give it a loudly bang just to tell the future,I WAS HERE , FUCKING BELIEVE IT ... Happy Valentine.

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