söndag 16 december 2007

Small Reflections Of ……

They say that there is a universe in every eye,an ocean in the smallest glass,a sky in the tightest of corners and a soul in the darkest of hearts.I don’t really get how all these things work together when i many times could see a shattered world in ruins with people who always try to reach the highest of mountains for no other reason than glory and five minutes in the spotlight.If i could reach the true stars as we sometimes would like to reach the truth i would surly give it a try from time to time,all in the name of nollage.

We are being born to this world all alone and we would leave this world in the same way.The time between that we explore our surroundings for the things we thought we would like in this life and the clock is ticking to our disadvantage all the time no matter how we choose to live.No reply,no pause and no rewind back.Just a straight line forward how bent it sometimes ever will feel.Glory those who listened and learned and shame on these who stoled from those.

Pelles Reality.

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