söndag 9 juni 2013

Sweet Vengeance / Sweetwater (2013).

This is good, this is really fucking good and pardon my language.Its not often you could see a western movie like Sweet Vengeance but when they from time to time drop down like a flash from the sky they sure do make a noise who rips the guts out of an old western movie heart like mine.The story is simple about bad folks making bad things to good folks and good folks who in return gets there revenge on these bad people. Sweet Vengeance dont have to prove its own worth in this western movie genre by a lot of mumbo jumbo who usually doesnt fit in at all.Killing, rape, morning and revenge as the only true goal makes a good western movie stand out if you leave all the other things alone.Like Sweet Vengeance in another word.

On the playground in this story you find the nice former prostitute, Joleen and her husband Miguel Ramírez on there small farm out in the middle of nowhere who one day gets on the wrong foot with there neighbour, the religious leader Prophet Josiah who use to kill people who cross into his life in the name of our lord.It doesnt take long in the story before Prophet Josiah also have killed Miguel Ramírez and raped his wife Joleen.But have faith dear reader.In this madness there is a saviour in the Sheriff Jackson who do things in his own way in life and who finally have tracked down Prophet Josiah and now tell him something about how the law works and all that other stuff on this playground in life.

Well, if you could count you probably already have figured out this far that Sheriff Jackson and Joleen has outnumbered the crazy Prophet Josiah by this time who finally makes his own destiny killed by the oldest way in the west, lead poisoning by a bullet of course.Yeah, thats all it takes in a good old fashioned western movie made in the name of our lord by the year 2013.I give Sweet Vengeance the thumb up all the way from the beginning to the end and i hope i dont have to wait all to long before another western movie made as this shows up on my screen.Lock and load, its paytime once again in this Western movie genre with Sweet Vengeance dear reader.

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