söndag 7 december 2008

Film : The Hours (2002).

Life and Death ... Happiness and Sadness ... Hope and Doubts ... Its a short moment in life when we gets invited to share some of these feelings in three womens life separated from each other by many years in The Hours.Still,they have all these feelings in common when they one and each in there most difficult moments have to confrontate life as the question it is in the deepest and most troublesome times when we sometimes make doubts to our own behaviour and the place we have acheved in this life.

Ill guess its not a question of the way we live who makes our lifes important when it in the end are those glory moments who we valuate like a fortune that we all probably collect in our soules who give some of these hard moments i life the push forward to climb another high mountain in life no matter we want it or not.Life is not a journey to fulfill our dreams.Life is a dream who have to be fulfilled and experienced regardless who,what and why we are making the choises we do regardless the concequenses it makes when we in the end have to face it and stand up for the way we lived in god and bad ... The Hours.

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